ESTAFest 2017 was held at the

Wilmington Drama League, Wilmington, DE,

A Note from ESTA's V.P. of Festivals;

On Behalf of the ESTA Board of Directors and myself  I would like to thank all the participants of ESTAFest 2017, if it was not for you there would be no ESTAFest.

I would like also to thank The Wilmington Drama League for hosting this year’s festival and welcoming us all into their theater.   

To all the Winners and non-winners …  CONGRATS,  all the shows were fantastic and everyone should consider themselves a winner, you deserves it.  

And finally to “The Glorious Ones” Break-a-Leg, bring down the house in Rochester, MN and bring home a WIN for Region II,  and show the Nation what we have to offer. 




L.J. “Buzz” DiSabatino

VP of Festivals, ESTA



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